Baingan Chops or Katherikai varuval

Ingredients :

Brinjal – 1 Large (Bhartha Baingan)

Sambhar Masala – 1 Tsp

Salt – to taste


Method :

1. Make  a paste of sambhar masala, pinch of salt and 1 tsp oil

2. Slice Brinjal in round shape and approx. 3-4 cm width

3. Apply this on both sides of the sliced brinjal. Let it soak for 15 min. If you are in hurry you can choose to skip the waiting time of 15 minutes

4. Heat a shallow pan and pour 1 tbsp oil

5. Place 2-3 brinjal pieces according to the size of the pan.

6. Once the side that is down starts to turn dark brown, turn to other side.

7. Cook the other side also in slow flame

8. Remove from flames, serve hot with Paratha or Dal Rice

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