Karai Kozhambu Podi- Tamil Gravy Masala

Note :

A spicy gravy Podi/Masala used to make gravy with vegetables like Brinjal,Ladiesfinger, Chick Peas etc.

I generally get this ground from the local “Atta Chakki/Flour Mill Machine” during my visit to Chennai.It stays fresh for almost a year when stored properly. Ideally I keep a good amount of the Podi, in a air tight container in my kitchen rack for regular use, while the rest stays secured in fridge sheltered in “ziplock covers”{alternatively in any air tight containers}.

For those not having access to the local Flour Mill , can grind in a food processor.But be careful not to fill them in containers soon out of the blender as the heat in the Masala/Podi will translate to mositure and dampen the Podi. This will reduce the shelf life ruin the entire effort.If I had the time I would have preferred doing them at home,as the aromaof all the fresh masala’s transforming in the blender is a heavenly nostalgic experience.

From Rajis Food Blog


Whole Red Chilli – 250 gms
Dhania Seeds – 500 gms
Jeera -50gms
Black pepper – 50 gms
Curry leaves ( 1 Cup)- Washed, dried and lightly dry roasted


1. Dry roast all ingedients. Please roast ingredients seperatly as all of them have different heating temperature and you can land up buring dhania seeds and red chillis while waiting for blackpepper to roast.
2. Cool the roasted ingedients and grind them together in Processor /Local Flour Mill.

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