Pather Beni


A sweet from the Bengal made with variations by adding food colours, different shapes can be a favourite with kids! I remember having scored an A+ grade when we had to make one in my college contests during my Food & Nutrition days. I vow a lot to this than just putting it on my blog!! I remember once I made it tricolour as a snack for my son during the independence day. So just let your imagination be the limit, with the base same you can add mawa in between the puri layers. the colour should be added to the sugar syrup and not to the dough.


Maida – 1 cup
Sugar – 2 cup
Rice Flour – 1 tsp
Desiccated Coconut – 2 tbsp
Ghee -2tsp + 1 tsp


1. Mix 1 tsp Ghee and Maida.

2. Add sugar to 2 tsp Ghee and beat well.

3.Make a sugar syrup by adding water to sugar (Add water to a level that the sugar is totally submerged in water). Boil to one thread. Add Elaichi Powder and Saffron.

4.Make small puris.Coat a layer of rice mixture and paste another puri over it.In the same method add 5-6 puri one over another. then roll it and cut into pieces.

5. Take one piece and roll and then flatten it to make a small puri.

6. Now deep fry in ghee and dip in sugar syrup.

7. Remove from the sugar syrup immediately and Sprinkle with desiccated coconut.

Note * This can be stored for almost a week.

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