Tomato or Thakazhi Chutney

This one is quite handy and instant recipe and the best part it has a good shelf life. I generally prepare it for a week. No, It does not taste like a pickle in any way! It a milder version and goes well with Idli, Dosa and also well with  Roti or for that matter even Pakoras.My kids also eat it as a spread on Bread on the go.

I cannot vouch for its south Indian originality though, But I am made to believe as the name says  “Chutney” It should have frequented from Northern parts of  India. Now, not that I care much about it, I must say I generally ensure I am stocked up with this chutney which turns a saviour in the wee hours of hunger pangs by kids.

There are many version of this chutney and I am sure each one of us prepares it in our own special way. I am a person who likes to keep it quick and short in the kitchen, so this is my kind of recipe. Some add onion, coconut, groundnut to it. My version is pure Tomato Chutney and though I do make variation this is not the recipe.The only thing while making this chutney is to ensure that the tomatoes are red and ripe. This gives the royal and rich colour to it. So, here we go!


Tomato / Thakazhi – 4 ripe ( Country or Hybrid)

Red Chilli – 1/2 tp

Garlic – 3 Pods

Asofoetida – pinch

Tamarind – just a pinch if tomato is hybrid

For tempering:

Mustard Seeds – 1/4 tsp

Udad dal – 1/4 tsp

Curry leaves – 5-6

Procedure :

  1. Heat a tsp oil in a pan
  2. Add Asafoetida and garlic pods to the oil.
  3. Chop Tomatoes into large sizes and add to the oil
  4. Let it cook till the water in the tomato disappears
  5. Remove from fire and let it cool
  6. Grind it in mixie
  7. Heat oil for tempering, add mustard seeds, udad dal and curry leaves. When mustard seed splutters, remove from fire and add to the chutney.
  8. Serve with Idli, Dosa

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