Vazhakai varuval or Raw banana Fry


Raw Banana – 1 medium size(sliced 2 cms)

Coriander powder – 1 tsp

Sambar Powder – 1 tsp

rice flour –  as required

Salt – to taste

Method :

  1. Heat water in a shallow pan. Add Coriander, sambar powder and salt.
  2. When water boils add the sliced Vazhakai or Raw banana pieces to this water.
  3.  After 3-4 minutes drain the water and allow to cool.
  4. Now sprinkle a mix of coriander and sambar powder and a pinch of salt on the drained banana pieces.
  5. In a plate, add some rice flour.
  6. Now dip each Vazhakai to this flour and shallow fry in oil. You can add 4-5 pieces at a time depending on the size of the wok.
  7. Remove from flames and drain the extra oil with tissue paper.
  8. Crispy and tasty Vazhaki or raw Banana fry is ready.

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